Eric Frapy

Eric Frapy is a data processing biology engineer at the Paris Descartes Faculty of Medicine. He works as a bioinformatician in the Escherichia coli team.
After having spent several years carrying out in silico analyses, he has extended his activity to in vitro studies, with the implementation of cell culture projects. Initially studying P. aeruginosa (Interaction between P. aeruginosa type IVa pili and effectors of the immune system, role of the P. aeruginosa Cys operon in corneal infections), he is now evolving toward E. coli (see latest news). Eric is also working with different animal models. When focusing on the analysis of large genetic and genomic data, Eric goal is to process genetic, genomic and clinical datasets to identify and target discoveries with the greatest potential for clinical utility.

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Having extending his skill set, his main work is now to combine bioinformatics, high-throughput sequencing, in vitro and in vivo experiments to help developing a systemic approach to unveil antigens of interest expressed by pathogenic bacteria, in particular E. coli K1, to develop multivalent vaccines.

In parallel, Eric is still analyzing big data sets generated by the TnSeq. His current project is focused on genes of E. coli LF82 involved in the pathophysiology of inflammatory bowel diseases.

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